The publication of this list is intended to provide awareness of available resources and best practices to entities that may not be aware of available information sharing resources. This document is a living document that will be updated periodically as the payments security threat landscape evolves and as new data sources become available.  Organizations with relevant services may a request to be added to the list here.

Information Sharing Data Sources

The Secure Payments Task Force is working to improve the awareness and implementation of cybersecurity and fraud information sharing among U.S. payment industry participants. The task force compiled the following list of data sources that highlights broad-reaching intelligence reports, payments fraud trends, best practices and benchmarks, and additional resources that can help your organization address payments fraud risk.  For example, financial institutions can leverage timely and actionable reports highlighting payments fraud incidents and cybersecurity threats occurring across the payments industry. Merchants and other business end-users can leverage best practices and benchmarks to help protect them from data breaches and fraud attacks.

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